Surprised by ghastly grammar and other language atrocities seen every day? Me too!

Whether via digital or print media, when a person/business shouts to the world in black and white that poor grammar is acceptable, it seems indicative that somewhere along the line, they will - and you ought to - settle for less. That's not OK! You can choose to care, or not  --  I do. 

Some feedback on my writing and reviews below.

"Thank you, Susan for staying on top of things! We are constantly thrilled by your level of motivation and professionalism - it is truly a great relief and aid to the overall morale of Dogs on Deployment!"

Alisa Johnson, President & Co-Founder, Dogs on Deployment

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"I'm very happy you've taken to a life of writing.  It's a gift you need to share with others. You are an extremely talented writer! Know that."

Robert McGreevy, Independent Marketing & Advertising Professional / Former EVP, BBDO Worldwide Advertising Agency

"Susan is a wonderful writer, project manager and colleague. 

Having worked alongside her at Brooklyn Hospital, I learned firsthand how talented, conscientious and skilled she is. I would wholeheartedly recommend Susan for any organization in need of a truly gifted writer."

Sue Vinciguerra, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"The girls at Kass & Company Salon all wanted you to know what a fabulous job you did on the feature article about Georgie Follmer and our salon! It was beautifully written and we definitely appreciated the quality of the article.

We have received a lot of attention and new clients as a result and we couldn't be more grateful. We can't wait to work with you again. Thank you, thank you!"

Jen Mosteller, Co-Owner, Master Stylist, Kass & Company Salon

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"Your feature article articulated everything I wanted to express! Thank you for the beautifully written piece."

Michele D. Allgood, Program Director, Gracious Living Adult Day & Health Care Facility

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"Such a well-written and lovely article! Thank you for writing it!! It's really terrific!"

Carla Mead, Los Angeles Coordinator, Dogs on Deployment

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