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BLOG - writeawaysue: Teach. Laugh. Fetch.

Animal Abuse is Alive and Well

“Just do something, Sue” I thought, over and over. In an effort to just do something, I’ve begun to share the highs and lows of Abigail’s journey by writing about it. It literally sickens me to write this story, again. I am an animal lover, advocate and avid supporter of humane education and initiatives. While volunteering for, working with, and on behalf of animals, I have seen the best of people and the worst of people too. The dog is Abigail, of “Bonnets for Abigail” fame. As a young dog, s
Dogs on Deployment Military Tails BLOG

From Tragedy to Triumph: Abigail Conquers Evil to Emerge as a Teacher and Hero

Dogs on Deployment is all about helping hands and paws. Everyone at Dogs on Deployment gets to meet people from other organizations that love, represent, and advocate for pets and other animals in various ways. People like Victoria Frazier, of Love is Fur Ever, a non-profit dog rescue in south Florida. She rescued a young dog from a shelter who was the victim of dog fighting. Now, together with the healed, rehabilitated and lovely Abigail of Bonnets for Abigail, she wants to help Dogs on Deploy

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month: Times Have Changed, But Are We Better Off?

Each year since 1983, May is recognized in America as “National Physical Fitness and Sports Month” by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. (1) • So, what kind of shape are Americans in these days? • How have our exercise options and workout habits changed through the years? • What’s popular in physical fitness now, and how does it enable us to become our healthiest selves? • Why is nutrition now a part of the equation?
Dogs on Deployment Military Tails BLOG

Pet Boarding Volunteers at Dogs on Deployment

Volunteer boarders and foster pet parents are critical to the success of Dogs on Deployment. Thanks to the care, compassion and cooperation of such individuals, increasing numbers of military members and families that seek help through Dogs on Deployment gain some peace of mind while in military training or on active duty. Some volunteer boarders within the Dogs on Deployment network love what they do so much that they become repeat borders. Debra Freeman is one such boarder. “The reason why I
Dogs on Deployment Military Tails BLOG

FROM STREET TO CHIC: Dogs on Deployment 2017 MPOTY Winner AND Mascot is Tanzie!

"The Tanzie Project" ANIMAL RESCUE AND ADVOCACY: Tanzie will Excitedly Represent Dogs on Deployment as the Mascot, and Winner of our 2017 Military Pet of the Year Contest Each year Dogs on Deployment holds a contest in search of one very special dog to serve as our mascot and be the face of the organization. We agree that every dog is special. But some dogs, like Tanzie, uniquely embody all the characteristics we hold dear in a pet, and through their circumstances, teach us important, compelling lessons. In this case, Tanzie and her owners sh

LKN Citizen Newspaper - Business Section: Cosmetology grad turning some heads

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES Timing is everything in life. Two years ago, Georgie Follmer , stylist and alumna of the first graduating CPCC cosmetology program class, walked in to Kass & Co. Salon with a resume. She met salon co-owners and master stylists, Jen Mosteller and Kassidy Elmore , just as they developed an urgent need for some helping hands — Elmore had just broken her leg. CORNELIUS, N.C. -- Advanced education can serve us well and help open doors. Workforce development initiatives at Central Piedmont Community
Dogs on Deployment Military Tails BLOG

Life-Saving Spay/Neuter Programs & Pet Chit Updates

Dogs on Deployment understands that pets do a great deal to enhance and complete our lives in numerous ways. DoD aims to promote responsible, lifelong pet ownership within the military-pet community. Dogs on Deployment’s military-pet foster network reunites as many military families with their pets as possible, and the Pet Chit Financial Assistance Program helps with the financial costs. Dogs on Deployment Pet Chits have helped military members with veterinary expenses, including the costs of s
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